Raw Mind Zen is simply what it says below the title. Expressions of a Zen practitioner. All of my posts are pulled from my practice of Zen. My hopes are to sharpen my writing skills, and share my experiences with you.

I began this blog after a realization of the Unity of Mind. This is what inspired the name Raw. If you were to imagine something refined, say sugar, that goes through a process of separation of certain elements from its raw state. This is similar to how the ego works but the refinement is not a separation through removal of elements, rather an addition of ideas. The ideas create an illusion of separation. The separation of self and other. Now this separation is a must for the purpose of functioning in the world. If we didn't view the world through the ego then there would be no need for me to write this, no need for Zen or other forms of practice. In fact it would be hard to imagine that humanity would even exist. The ego protects us, feeds us and motivates us. This blog is not about the removal or destruction of the ego, rather a building project. The ego needs to understand that sometimes there is no need for it to function. When the ego cannot seize to function we run in to a whole world of  human suffering. In order for the ego to learn how to let go, it must Awaken to how it actually functions. This is where the Zen comes into Raw Mind, a practice of Awakening the ego. It's one thing to say the mind is raw and another to cultivate a raw mind.